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French Bulldogs: Some Interesting Facts

Even though the French bulldog has the word “French” in the name, they actually originated in the country of England as smaller versions of the English bulldog. The first French bulldogs originated in the year 1860 and they were created by French bulldog breeders that would breed a bulldog with a small terrier and then the offspring will be miniature sized bulldogs, which is actually quite fascinating. And the reason for the name of French bulldog is because France had really taken a liking to these little dogs and so the name stuck. The British people had a lot of issues with the name French bulldog and the reason for this is actually because the bulldog is a huge symbol and part of English culture, so it does not sit right with many English people to have a bulldog named the French bulldog.

The French bulldog actually looks quite similar to an English bulldog, however their main difference is that they are very small compared to a traditional bulldog. French bulldogs does have cute little ears that resemble the ears of a bat because they are long and erect. The nose on a French bulldog looks similar to a pug and their muzzle is quite powerful as well. The heads on a French bulldog is square just like the head on an English bulldog, however the main difference is that the head is much smaller. Also, the forehead that is on a French bulldog is rounded. The front of the dog is very strong because they have a pear shaped body which means their shoulders in front will be a lot more broad and wide compared to their rears. The fur on a French bulldog can be very soft and it is also quite short and they do come in a wide selection of questions that will include white, fawn, brindle, and different combinations of colors as well. Most French bulldogs will have an under bite and they will also have very beautiful dark eyes that are pretty big to say the least. French bulldogs can be anywhere from 19 pounds to 28 pounds and they are around a foot tall.

A French bulldog can really help you out without a doubt, and you cannot go wrong with these amazing companions. These dogs are known to be very playful and they can also be very sweet as well. These dogs are known to be jokers and their personalities are all about goofing off and just being awesome. And that is the ins and outs on the French bulldog and why they are awesome.If You Think You Understand Pets, Then Read This

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