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Things to Know When Choosing a Wedding Photography Style

Choosing how you will be photographed on your wedding day will depend on your own style decision. Take a look at some of your options when it comes to recording your big day.

The first concern you have to resolve is whether to use digital or film, or a combination of the two if your photographer allows. Presently, digital is the typical way weddings are photographed because of its biggest advantage. You can view the stills just days after you got married depending on your photographer. Also, digital cameras can record in very low light which is the prevailing condition in an afternoon-to-evening nuptials. With the use of the display screen, shots can be previewed and adjusted accordingly. Digital photography has more latitude when it comes to exploring lighting angles and options, unlike film. This relates to a bigger body of images to choose from when selecting what to place in your album.

As for film, it produces pictures with a soft, elemental feature. Nothing compares to a film when it comes to highlights and shadows. But working with film entails a lot more chore and money. Rolls of films have to be purchased, and time has to be extended when it comes to editing and processing the pictures.
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After answering the digital or film question, it is time to think over how you want your photos to look like. You may opt for a classic look which is like what you see in your grandparents or parents’ wedding album. These photos have stood the test of time and are fascinating, elegant and a bit formal. If you like this style, request the photographer to capture the simple moments. It is his or her job to turn something common into something beautiful. A classic look can be a modish take on the wedding shots you are familiar with through the years.
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Not all pictures have to be full-body shots of the couple staring at the camera. An artistic style will separate you from the run-of-the-mill photos littering social media. Your pictures will turn out extraordinary if you and your spouse are captured in unique and special moments. All it takes is a willingness to have fun and revel in the moment as a couple while the photographer clicks away.

Then there is dramatic photography with lighting as an important component. Your photographer should possess the skill to perform off-camera-flash photography. He or she should be able to come up with his or her own light in whatever way if the sun is not shining bright enough on your wedding day. Check out the photographer’s portfolio of weddings similar to what you have in mind.