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Advice on Safe Usage of Painkillers The number of deaths resulting from misusing prescription drugs has been on the increase in recent years. It is likely that you have heard or know someone who died due to misusing prescription drugs. Over the last 10 years, the number of deaths that occurred due to using pain killers has significantly risen. Apart from this, new prescription drugs are being unveiled every years by pharmaceutical companies. These drugs can help to alleviate pain and cure various illnesses. However, the pain killers can become deadly if they are not used correctly. With this information, what can you do to ensure the prescription drugs you are taking are safe? The type of pain you want to alleviate and the ingredients used to make a pain killer should help you know whether a specific drug is right for you. Before you try a new painkiller, it is advisable to get advice from your doctor. On the same note, if you want to increase or decrease your current prescription drug dosage, you should inform your doctor and ask for advice. Even if you are buying a prescription drug over the counter, it is best to confirm the right dosage from your doctor. To ensure the safety of the pain killers you want to take, follow the advice below. Ask for Advice from Your Doctor Ideally, this is what should be done before you take any medication. However, you will be surprised at how many people don’t seek advice from their physician with regards to painkillers. If you fail to provide a detailed history of your health to any doctor, you may be putting your life in danger. Your personal doctor probably already knows your history and hence will know which medical compounds will not go well with your body. However, if you are seeing a doctor for the first time, perhaps because you moved to a different state, make sure you provide him or her with your medical history.
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You should share information about any pre-existing conditions you may have. Information about known allergies and medications you may be currently using should also be provided. Failure to give the doctor your medical snapshot increase the risk of drug crossfires.
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Get a Tip Sheet Ask the physician of pharmacist to provide you with a drug information sheet. This is a sheet that has information on how and when the medication should be taken. For example, the sheet may indicate how many tablets to be taken per day. The frequency of taking the medication should also be indicated. Side effects and storage information of the drug should also be indicated. It is important to follow to advice above to ensure the safety of the pain killers you want to take.